Five Panthers named to All-Star roster

07/04/2024 2:14 PM -

This week, five players from the Indiana Panthers were named Northern League All-Stars. Those players are Anthony Scanlon, Jaden Jones, Dom Owens, Arnoldo Velazquez, and Michael Pustelnik.

Anthony Scanlon is a pitcher for Indiana, so far pitching 27 innings in his four starts. The Saint John Native has an ERA of 1.29 and played at Dubuque for school. His 24 strikeouts with seven looking has made him an unquestionable addition to the roster.

Jaden Jones also pitches for the Paws this year. His 18 innings in three starts has produced a 2.33 ERA. The Emory and Henry student is a four-year loyal Northern League player and has finally reached the All-Star roster for the first time.

Dom Owens has caught for nine games and has a batting average of .333 with the same percentage of slugging. The Concordia Chicago student has had a hit in almost all of his games and has caught four runners stealing. The Frankfort, Illinois native has been a stellar contact hitter for Indiana and has without a doubt earned his spot in the big game.

Arnoldo Velazquez is the usual leadoff hitter for the team with an average of .306 and an OBP of .432. The infielder has a walk-off hit already this year and is mainly a contact hitter, occaisionally hitting a double. The Benedictine student is a very exciting player to watch.

Michael Pustelnik has a batting average of .400 in his ten games on the field. The first baseman has a SLG of .514 and is often hitting doubles. The Tinley Park native has recently had his best hitting week of the summer and we hope he carries that momentum into the All-Star game.

The All-Star rosters for both team are to be announced soon and the game is set for July 9th at 7:00 at Oil City Stadium. All of the broadcasters from the league will be a part of the broadcast everywhere that the Oilmen broadcast. We would like to wish a huge thank you to all five of these players for putting on a great show for our fans every game.